Werks within Werks.

Arcane Mechanics, Plagues, and Lost Friends

In the Learned Order of the Rune nothing was ever quiet for long. In fact everyone was getting very frustrated by the Emergence of much noise. The staff was getting very Irate in having to suddenly tend to a Litter of pigs, prime little piglets but still in need to be raised.

This would be difficult in the city and in what was to be horse stables not pig pens. While the Staff tended to the pigs the sound was getting on the nerves of those in the order and their compatriots. Wild speculation turned left and right amongst members until they could find who the responsible for this sudden pork miracle.

Hellith of course. “No. Not me.” Yes not quite, but she was agent Provocateur. Sir Milo and Balder had cornered her while she was tinkering having found her to be the source of the Pigs. “They were gifts. You do not throw away a gift. It’s Rude. I know that much about Living in this city.” The two men exchanged a knowing glance, and that familiar look was on Balder’s face again, that exasperated, ‘I should be studying magic no dealing with people problems’, look.

“Perhaps we can just cook them and eat them.” Was Sir Milo’s suggestion, a tasty one, but soon brought down by one of the attendants. “They are not yet grown sir… Perhaps with some care in a year, they will be prime…”.
Balder butted in quite quickly. “Yes fine, do that. I’m sure we can find land around Corvis…”
“I have land.” Said Sir Milo. “Plenty enough to raise these.”
“Hellith, can he take and tend to these pigs?” -Balder
Hellith put down the components looked at them both. “Yes, that would be fine, let’s have them out of the stables.”

And this was just the banalities of the morning.

With the Trivial dealt with Balder broached what he had found in his chambers that morning.
“I found this scroll this morning, addressed to the order collectively, the Fraternal Order of Wizards needs us to investigate a plague, one that is currently spreading through the refuge camps just outside the city.”

There wasn’t much to discuss but the Order decided to investigate, the long way around as they went first to the Steamo’s Union head office. Where they met Griff Irongrip the dwarf head of the Steamo’s Union.

There was a brief Exchange before Sir Vendrom decided to drop the fact that Hellith was the last Arcane Mechanic in the city, before the room was barricaded with Dwarven Bodies. A small walking wall of metal bristling with armour, bearing shields and riffles within and whithout of the room. Griff Irongrip assured Hellith it was within her best interest to join. Sir Vendrom blurted out how it was financially better for them then for her. At which point the room including the wall of arms, turned their eyes upon him in steady gazes of uncertainty.

Wasn’t Hellith the one who didn’t know how to talk business?

It was not long after that they group departed, the Plague could wait only so long.

After stopping at the University to consult a learned professor… who most likely would catch the plague himself considering the pile of rat corpses splayed within his study. They learned form him that it was carried by the rats, but most likely passed into them from somewhere else, and that the cause would most likely be found, at the camps.

One member of the order decided an alchemist’s mask would be required, which ended up creating a sudden rush to buy more from the rest of the members. Hellith wasn’t quite sure why, only one within the Order was an alchemist, and they were not carrying toxic gasses to kill the rats, though they probably wish they had been.

Once at the Refugee camps it was a quick search before finding and following rats down to the graves, which graves? well for some brilliant Idea the refugees thought sitting upon the paupers graves would be the best place for a camp… In Corvis.. City of the walking dead.

The graves had been burrowed through riddled with many tiny holes for rats to crawl through. Brother Brent leant in even warding himself against the potential lunge of a rat from the hole, only to collapse the grave and find a wider tunnel. A long dug out tunnel covered in scratches only large enough for Gobbers. Peewee was given the grand duty of scouting out ahead, And after an Hour he came back with the wonderful news. It lead to the sewers. It always ends up in the sewers.

In their journey through the Sewers Brother Brent found that the Sewers were not actually that deep, and that Sir Vendrom could easily wade it, instead risking a head first plunge into the muck, which would also extinguish his boiler. (Joys of a warcaster)

Through tunnel, slop, muck and contortion our brave heroes made it to another dug out series of tunnels. and the sounds were not very pleasant at all. Sir Vendroms Mechnica was constantly bothering him, starting and stopping. Causing no end of difficulty. And the noises up the hallway were not very reassuring.

After slow and careful exploration… Walking down the hallway making much noise and brandishing as much light as they could. The Order’s adventuring party found… swarms of rats. Writhing seething piles of rats that looked very hungry, hungry for adventurer.

This was not the only things they found, for while they fought with the rats, and dealt best they could with the dim light, something else was coming. From the end of the tunnels the sounds of looming creatures hissing and flicking.. something, sounds that recalled the travels through the blindfold corridor.

Thrullgs, Beasts of Nightmare no one recognized but knew were bad news. The party lept into action, creating a rotating shield wall… of bodies to slow their advance, While some flanked the beasts, or hid down side passageways.

Sir Milo up front, then Bayden took the lead, then Brother Brent! It was a glorious strong and stalwart Advance. Then down went Master Bayden, then Brother Brent. Milo surged forwards to fell one, Pewee and Hellith at the sides shooting from the corridor which seemed too narrow for them to cross.

Where was Cobb in all of this? Why he was tracking down the key to this whole ordeal, the large blue spiny rat, protected by standing Rat Men. Cobb would not stop going after the Rat, while Balder and Sir Vendrom assisted him. Near everyone in the group was badly wounded, having taken wounds from fighting Rat Men and Thrullg alike. Only Sir Vendrom had but a simple Scratch.

Brother Brent made sure no one would die of their wounds.

Many corpses later, and a little back and forth after discovering the Mechanika thwarting abilities of the great beasts, collected that post haste, delivered the much mutilated rat queen/king/blob of guts to the Professor who thought he could make an agent against the plague from studying it.

And with this resolved, they all headed on home to the Order Guildhall, to find a large burlap sack, groaning faintly and giving the occasional squirm, mostly it breathed heavily. Hoping not to find another unwelcome gift the sack was opened to find the beaten but living Yannov Magrovich. Seems like he finally had his meeting with Dimitri after all.

And five days later Sir Vendrom died of the plague.



As a footnote “Died, in agony wracked with spasms of of back breaking cramps”


“Cramps?” Death by menstrual cycle?? And thanks, I try.


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