Werks within Werks.

Defeating the Deathjack

In order to enlist Methabetha’s aid in fighting off Louis Lewell’s warjack army she tasked the Royal Learnéd Order of the Rune to recover the chassis of a Cryx Souljack. The Deathjack had been buried beneath an abandoned village ruined by Pyrrhic heroes 5 years prior. The Order immediately began preparing for the encounter.

The Learnéd Balder ventured to the Associate’s Library of the Fraternal Order
of Wizardry to research the Deathjack. There he discovered the abomination was the first Souljack to have been created by Cryx and had a terrifying aura that would paralyze those who see it with fear unless they were extremely strong of will. Together with this fear the Order must also contend with its claws and horns. The other Members and Associates of the Order repaired to
the Guildhall to best prepare for the fight to come.

The next morning the Order set out from Corvis to make the half-day journey to the place where once the village stood. Amazingly, Jordie finally returned from his business with the Steamer’s Union and his Steamjack newly fitted with an Aurum Cortex and upgraded weaponry.

Arriving at the location where the village once stood, the Royal Order found only the foundations of building and a hole dug deep into the earth. Suddenly, a terrified scream was heard and a figure erupted from the hole fleeing for his life as he wailed. The Learnéd Fellcaller Thorgrim set off after him, his Wings of Air allowing him to quickly catch up to the figure.

He found it was a pale skinned elf with horns and other disfigurements issuing from cheeks and brows. The Nyss elf did not respond in any known language, so Thorgrim relied upon the universal language of violence, rendering the Nyss insensate. Through close questioning and the quiet interrogation of Jordie, the Royal Order learned that the 9 Nyss were sent to recover something from where the hole was dug. 2 remained upon the surface while 7 went underground.

Sir Milo decided he would draw out the two on the surface by restraining the prisoner and repairing to a nearby trapdoor leading into the catacombs beneath the ruined village. Meanwhile, Thorgrim descended down the hole and Jordie used his steamjack’s crane to lower itself into the deep. Once it reached the tunnel’s floor the gobber undid the hook without the winch lock being set. He was immediately dragged across the earth and barely escaped losing fingers and bodily harm by Jordie’s release of the hook and the timely intervention of Thorgrim.

Sir Milo’s watch proved fruitless, so he rejoined the party who had already learned that many of the alcoves and chambers in the catacombs were filled with rotten barrels, once filled with wine or other liquid repasts. One chamber in particular had been walled in from the inside with the barrels in the best repair. It was suspected, after hearing voices beyond the barricade, that the other Nyss took shelter within. Leaving them to their terror, the Order continued to explore the catacombs.

Around a corner Balder’s Light in the Darkness exposed the opening of the lower tunnel from which it was thought the Deathjack dug itself from its prison in the deep earth. There the Order found the Deathjack’s tracks and were followed until the disappeared into a chamber.

Jordie ordered his Jack forwards and Thorgrim followed. He was immediately presented with the most terrifyingly horrorifying thing he had ever witnessed. For a moment, fear gripped him but he shook it off. His Trollkin voice wavering, he described what he saw – specifically two glowing skulls on either of the Deathjack’s arms – the jack itself sitting idle in the corner.

The plan became to destroy the skulls and Jordie ordered his laborjack to fire on the skull, blowing apart the wall behind the Deathjack with its dualcannon. Thorgrim cast Raging Wings and then struck the other skull with his stoneaxe. Learned Lady Hellith Disrupted the Deathjack, depriving it of focus.

The Deathjack lept to life. It advanced on Thorgrim and struck out with claws and horns nearly crippling the Learned Fellcaller. Sir Milo advanced and was confronted with the terror of the Deathjack but fell to the fear despite his Iron Will. Jordie ordered his laborjack forward and dealt some damage to the Cryx-made jack. Thorgrim retreated using Wings of Air to escape a coup de grace. The Deathjack counterattacked Jordie’s laborjack, severely damaging it. Hellith managed to magically immobilize the Deathjack, even in the grip of fear. Sir Milo lost his battle with his fear and fled into the darkness.

The laborjack attacked once more, further damaging the Deathjack which had been continuously healing itself. Thorgrim revitalized himself. The Deathjack shook its immobility and counterattacked further wrecking Jordie’s laborjack. Meanwhile, out in the dark Sir Milo recovered his wits and began running back into the battle.

The laborjack valiantly struck one more blow against the Deathjack and the counterattack wrecked the redoubtable Do-it Mark II. Sir Milo lept to the laborjack’s defense and struck the Deathjack, it turned its remaining attacks on the knight missing every time. Lady Hellith used this opportunity to attack and wrecked the Deathjack.

Having won, the Royal Learned Order of the Rune began recovering the wreckage of the two Jacks and made their way back to Corvus arriving just around midnight.


Minor point but it was Hellith who dealt the last blow :)

Defeating the Deathjack

As much as I would have LIKED to deliver the final blow, Hellith definitely scored it. Sir Milo put some serious work in, but she got it.

Defeating the Deathjack

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