Werks within Werks.

Home Again

Back in Corvis

It had been a rather dull and fruitless trip. Searching for the remains of a mercenary crew that were said to be hunting down the kidnappers of two young children and the massacre of a small fishing village. Rumours had it that they had chased a Jack into the swamps, a Jack that could cast spells no less…well that was the rumour anyway.

After weeks scouring the swamp, avoiding Gatormen and worse the remains of several bodies had been found on a dry area within the swamp. Tracks showed that there appeared to have been quite a battle here, including at least one Jack and several beings of various species. Of the Jack and any survivors there was no sign and no trail to follow…a wasted trip.

And so back to fair Corvis, the polluted over crowded stamp of Cygnar that stands in the face of Khadorian, Menite and Skorne aggressors. Home…and finally a chance to get off the steam tramp that had been base for the past 4 weeks!


Great stuff m’lord. I reckon da green goo is for doping horses.

Home Again

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