Werks within Werks.

Narrations of the exploits of the Order

An investigation of the time during these events has over the years unearthed that the seemingly unrelated happening of….. have a greater role than commonly believed.

What now follows are three reports collected due to the closeness to the person in question, the first hereby, being from an ex-soldier who has found work as a driver for Sir Milo and to an extend the learned order of the Rune. Please excuse his lowly level of writing.
“2 hours I waited for this stupid order. Some damn message from the university about some sinkholes outside the walls and everyone is up sending me to buy some crap. At least Balder didn’t want me to get him anything, him looking at that weird belt he got from the university before we went off. But the rest! Uh, I need some gasmask, wait I need a new cloak and prepare another couch because I am too good to ride with the gobber.

Two hours later I finally drive them there and immediately Sir Milo in his fetched cloak and armour greets some highborn idiot of the city. I couldn’t hear anything except something about missing reporter, sneezing and how the entire city counts on the order to save’em all. The last thing I saw before they left for the biggest hole was giggles and then something about the looks of Sir Milo’s cloths. Don’t know what that about they seem good made to me."

Here his entry stops, luckily a second report was found, written surprisingly by one of the guards employed by the city.

“Well today turned out to be quite boring. Was ordered to watch a hole, wasn’t as different to my usual duties. But at least I didn’t need to go down there to rescue Keve Murdock and those other idiots who fell down. Saw how the learned order of the rune arrived. Weren’t everyone I reckon, the dwarf, Sir Milo and most importantly Lady Hellith came, but also a gobber, a guard and a priest of Morrow. It was actually quite entertaining to see Sir Milo in his rugs standing between the beautiful Lady Hellith and the dwarf. They spend quite some time here, the dwarf talking with the city council about what happened exactly and doing that god-awful sneezing the entire time.

Afterwards they got moving. Stood closer when they talked, with Officer Walker, he briefing them with our knowledge. Don’t know why but he pulled the gobber beside to tell him something. Took us some time lowering them all down that hole both the dwarf and Sir Milo too heavy to climb themselves. Couldn’t really see them from up here except for one small, fast moving light. It disappeared for some time. Then they came back and made us carry some ugly as hell things up, and then some monster corpses. Strangely enough the order itself hasn’t come back before I was ordered to escort the nobleman home."

What happened in this time before the retrieval of the lost group has been pierced together by the account left behind from the late Keve Murdock himself, a rather well-known reporter of the area.

“After falling down this hole, my companion and I rested for a while. But having seen no rescue for over an hour and slowly being driven uncomfortable by the sight of a corpse sitting at the bottom of the pit, we elected to travel further into the tunnel hoping to find an exit on our own. After some uneventful walking along in a rather dark corridor, we arrived at a peculiar place, a corridor ankle high filled with water. Believing to be close to the end of our journey, we elected to rest for a while.
This has nearly leaded to our collective demise as here we were nearly ambushed by some rather dangerous looking beasts, named as I would later learn Thrullgs. Here we split, a large group running from where we came, while some brave souls and I decided to distract the beasts by advancing and drawing their attention. Through the chaos, where two brave man perished we found ourselves in a cave filled with some rather strange looking rocks. Here our group will prepare ourselves for our impending death………….”

A second text was later unearthed continuing Keve Murdock’s narrations.
“The learned order of the runes consisting of the heroic Sir Milo, the famous Lady Hellith, the rhulicman Balder Greenhammer, learned Father Brent, the alchemist Master Bayden and their tracker, the gobber Peewee were ordered to rescue our groups not long after our journey. For this task there were given unique belts by Professor Pendrake himself, the belts having the ability to nullify magic around them.
The reason for such magnificent objects were the ability of the Thrullgs to backslash anyone using magic around them. In exchange for these belts the learned order of the rune were asked to deliver both living specimen and their eggs to them, therefore the order armed themselves with bombs filled with a strange concoction strong enough to knock the beast out cold.

Not wasting their time they immediately descended down the sinkhole, pausing momentarily to test out the functionalities of the belts to their own satisfaction.
Then lead by their tracker they swiftly manage to track our group down and regroup with those who have chosen to run the path back to the hole. Here Sir Milo demonstrated his good-natured soul, by trying to convince them to return safely to where the hole was located. Sadly the group not recognizing how Sir Milo desires for them to stay out of harms way decided to follow them closely.
Not far from where I and my companions were standing they met the beasts. Standing in a crossroad between three tunnels they heroically prepared themselves. Here the creatures demonstrated rudimentary intelligence by charging them from two directions in groups of two.
Suddenly the gobber demonstrated grand bravery by charging the group coming from the side tunnel single-handedly and taking out one beast by lobbing one of these “knockout-grenades” at them and then in a second act of courage charging the second one.

Meanwhile Sir Milo demonstrated true leadership by engaging the second group coming from the front and occupy two of these great monsters by him alone. Lady Hellith used this perfect distraction given by Sir Milo heroic action to take aim, supporting the gobber and wounding his opponent gravely with her magic.

Seeing the gobber and Lady Hellith perfectly being in the ability to kill their menace by themselves the leader of the Expedition, Lord Greenhammer, elected to damage both beast surrounding Sir Milo, therefore giving the alchemist the opportunity to both lob a grenade at one of the menaces and then trying to subdue the second beast with a syringe.
Unfortunately only the grenade proved to be successfully putting one soundly to sleep but leaving the second one awake.

Fortunately Lady Hellith and Lord Baldur were spared of any backslash of the Thrullgs magic, the belts proving to work in an excellent condition.

Before the surviving Thrullgs could be taken care of, they struck each at the gobber and heroic Sir Milo, luckily the gobber has proven agile enough to dodge all the attacks while Sir Milo resilience and his armour protected him quite well only wounding him weakly.

What then followed was a swift execution of both beast one bludgeoned by Sir Milo himself, the second being vanquished by Lady Hellith magical talents. Having properly secured and detained both sleeping monster Sir Milo, Lady Hellith, the alchemist and Lord Balder moved closer into the caves and finding our brave group. Here they also discovered three nearby eggs, believed to been laid by the Thrullgs and two young ones. Lady Hellith, Sir Milo and Lord Balder then seized the eggs and detained the young Thrullgs planning to bring them back to Professor Pendrake.

On the way back as I conversed with the member of the Order, trying to piece together what they did before meeting our Group, Balder Greenhammer said a strange thing. He raised the concern that the tunnel are unnatural unstable and this is most uncommon for such extensive sewer systems.

I myself am personally glad to having finished this “adventure”, as we shortly thereafter arrived at the sinkhole and signaled the guards to lift our expedition out. Humbly our rescuers have volunteered to wait for the nobleman and the sleeping beast to be lifted out first, watching and guarding the evacuation site. I believe that due to the constant vigilance of the order this entire operation will be successful and the heroic rescuer, foremost of all of course Sir Milo, will afterwards be praised with the great success of this miss…..”

Here his narration ends prematurely. From different account we have learned that an ambush on the group followed,first impaling Keve on a Harpoon afterwards collapsing the tunnel and moving the group deeper into the tunnel complex.

Sadly enough all these texts do not precisely help to determine the true origin but still bringing us closer to our goal. “Excerpts from the book“Custom of Cyngar: Why Sneezing?”


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