Werks within Werks.

Tragedy Strikes Race Day!


Race Day in Corvis, a time of great excitement, a time where both the great and powerful of Corvis, and the great unwashed masses, can find a common joy amongst the trails and tribulations of these troubling times. Today, it is a time marked by great tragedy and controversy. What began as a fine day of racing and celebration ended in despair in the final race of the day. Noble Silk, the winner stallion of the final race, died moment after it cross the finish line, it’s great heart bursting within its chest. While accidents have happened it the past, it is rare to see such a terrible incident after the race is complete. What makes this race more noteworthy is the addition death of Ajeeb, who started strong at the beginning of the race but suffered a horrible injury halfway through the race. The stouthearted beast managed to cross the finish line despite a broken leg, but quickly succumbed to its injuries on the sands. Race authorities are looking into this matter, but have assured this reporter that no foul play was indicated…

“Corvis Tatler” Sir Milo Makes a Statement, In More Ways Than One!

If one wants to be seen on Race Day, one must be seen at the regular soiree of Lady Dashingham. Truly the place for people of substance and class, and who is in..and who is out. Lady Dashingham rarely disappoints with her parties, and today was no exception. One would note that one local celebrity was not initially on the invite list. Iosan oddity Hellith Wyldiss was not to be seen, despite a wave of popular interest amongst the middle and lower class. Despite some claim to some form of foreign nobility, it seemed not to be enough to warrant Lady Dashingham’s invitation. One could say that while some may claim the apparent slight was other than accidental. Perhaps it may have something to do with rather scandalous rumors involving the company of Sir Milo Bradigan-Forsythe III. Speaking of which, if anyone was able to upstage the Good Lady, Sir Milo accomplished that…if not with style. Sporting what could only be described in the loosest of term as “an outfit of which scarecrows and possibly Ordians would turn their noses up at”, Sir Milo made quite the stir with not only his tattered appearance, but with his announcement of a refuge fund in which he begged the nobles in attendance for support…financial support of course. One must suspect the true reason for Sir Milo’s request was to finance a new wardrobe, or ANY wardrobe…

“Your Nicked!” Pig Pilfering Case Resolved!

In what may be the greatest case of livestock theft and misuse since the Great Chicken Buggery Incident, the disappearance of several high-quality piglets from the Auction House was recently solved thanks to the kind and considerate involvement of Corvis’ local citizenry. Of particular note has been the selfless contributions of Balder Greenhammer, who was able to provide much appreciated support in locating the missing porcine miscreants. This writer does not have all the details of yet, but while the piglets were recovered, they appeared greatly abused and in ill health. To what use the poor creatures were put to is up to speculation…



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