Balder Greenhammer

Dwarf Gifted Arcanist Sorcerer Storm


A prosperous, Upper Class dwarf with a fine black beard, plaited and bound with silver and emerald clasps. His hair springs out wildly from temples and brow, seeming to follow its own will, twisting and twining in whatever breeze might catch it.

His raiment is all green.

A pale green shirt under a moss green tunic, belted in green-dyed leather with a silver buckled garnished with emeralds. Trousers of dark green tuck into Rhulish boots trimmed in silver.


Born the second son of the Master Builder to Clan Wroughthammer, Master Balin Greenhammer and a daughter of Clan Odom, Mistress Gudrun, the young Balder grew up in a prosperous Rhul family. Raised in the great Rhulic city of Ulgar on the banks of the Armsdeep, he began to exhibit sorcerous powers, controlling the power of storms that would spring up over the Great Lake. His mother, being the scion of a Rhulic clan steeped in the Arcane Arts, designed for him to be sent to stay with his cousins in the great city of Ghord to be trained by the Arcanists of the Hall of the Brand of Odom.

Long he labored there and learned great Wisdom, until one day there grew a debate within the Hall about the merits of the Arcane studies amongst the other folk of Immoren. Knowing something of the men and the Iosan argument, Balder took the side of Humans but was shouted down. Many of the Rhulish Arcanists there present said that no human could unearth a wisdom the Rhulfolk had not yet uncovered. There and then he vowed, “I will prove you wrong!”

So, he left Ghord for Corvis to increase his knowledge of Arcane Lore and master the sorcery that had sprung up inside him. Eventually, he found his way to the Learned Order of the Rune and they indoctrinated him into their secret ways.

Balder Greenhammer

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