Brent Longbridge

Human Gifted Arcanist Priest Morrow


Middle Class

A hedonist as likely to be found in a opium den as the church. Often seen in his box seats, high up in the theater. Brent is a a conspicuous sight, with blue tattoos around his eyes, and hair up in a mohawk style, the color of which changes monthly.


Able to weave spells and cast magic from a young age, Brent always knew that magic would be part of his life. However, his strict upbringing from Menoth-worshipping parents scarred young Brent and caused him to hide his magical ability and be ashamed of it. Rejecting his many childhood lessons, he sought a softer, more humane religion and found the teachings of Morrow to be worthy of a lifetime of study.

Perhaps due to his childhood experiences with religion Brother Longbridge is much more dogmatic and intolerant than his fellow priest in the church of Morrow. However, he believes in mercy and kindness and most of all wants to bring the liberating tenets of Morrow to the masses.

Brent has taken Morrow’s lessons of balance to heart. Although he doesn’t wish to dabble in Thamarite teachings, he doesn’t see much point in hunting down their followers. Also, Brent sees balance in the divine and the mortal, and tries to represent such, wielding arcane mastery in one hand, while using the other hand as a conduit for miracles.

Brent Longbridge

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