Cobb Ironside.

Human Skilled Cutthroat Thief


Low class

Shifty and surly member of the Griffons gang


The bastard son of a Corvisian noble,Cobb was,in his opinion,denied the benefits of his birthright.This led to a deep and abiding resentment of the higher echelons of society that continued into adulthood.He felt nothing but disdain for his whore mother for allowing herself to be used by her father which eventually led to her disowning him as a boy.

Forced to live on the streets Cobb quickly adapted to the urchin life,stealing to survive.During one of his forays,he tried to steal from a priest of Menoth and was caught. The priest rather than hand the boy over the authorities took pity on the boy and gave him a chance to redeem himself.Eventually Cobb discovered that the priest was also part of spy ring sent to Corvis to cause unrest in the lower classes of society,though by this time he was a devout follower on Menoth.The priest had need of people like Cobb,using him to steal various things.

One day on returning to the priest home Cobb found the place ransacked,the priest nowhere to be seen.Having relied on his master Cobb once more found himself with no means of supporting himself,and so returned to what he knew best.Stealing. This soon escalated into extortion, and in a few cases murder. Word soon got around to the local gang in Cobbs locale,the Griffons. Always looking out for people with ‘talent’ ,the gang approached Cobb and made him an offer to join their group. Having little choice (to refuse meant death) he accepted and gradually became one of the gangs more ruthless agents.

Eventually the Griffons became aware of an arcane order putting feelers out for certain ‘professionals’.Thinking it could be useful to a link to such an organisation,Cobb was sent to offer his services…

Cobb Ironside.

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