Hellith Wyldiss

Iosan Gifted Arcane Mechanic Warcaster


Blue Haired Iosan Elf of Average height but awkward social graces.

There are rumours this woman is quick Lithe and shapely but very few have seen her outside of the sleek gleaming white armour she wears near constantly.

The armour is smooth and gleaming. More art then weapon of war.

To the dismay of many in Corvis she has taken a liking to tophats instead of more ladylike broad rimmed hats.


Her past History in the Lands of Ios are either boring or secret. She has spoken little of it.

What she has let those in the order know is that she was raised in a minor hourse of Ios, House Wyldiss. She bears the name but it is meaningless to those in Corvis. The house was a source of talented crafters. Though the political mood shifted she remained a staunch supporter of her native land.

That is until the redical shift in power. She does not speak of it aside to say it’s what prompted her to leave Ios and try to find an answer to the question that has essentially carved out a hole in every Iosan’s soul. “Why did our god fall?” The simple Naswer of human magic users was unsatisfactory and highly flawed.

In anycase she will not Return to Ios without some kind of answer, and she seems to carry a worry of what was left behind in Ios. She would like to see more Iosans, but doubts those who would break the isolation would be other seekers as herself, another faction was gaining power when she left.

A faction of Radicals and violent fanatics.

Hellith Wyldiss

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