Sir Milo Bradigan Forsythe III

Grey eyed, snow white haired, dusky skinned, high born gentry, well dressed with a mechanical right arm and a odd shaped scar on his right cheek


Aristocrat / Knight


Most of the details of his back story would only be known to those with access to local Nobility’s inner circles. Though some things are obvious to casual observation amongst our party members. Lord Milo comes from one of the if not the most influential high born family in Cygnar under that of the King’s. Like his father, he’s been a avid patron of the Church of Morrow. He was one of the younger members to be Knighted as a Holy Precursor though he’s notably quiet on his battle field accomplishments. Preferring to talk of more gentile things like fine Llaelsian cheeses and Ordian pipe tobacco, or occasionally more scholarly religious topics like magic and it’s proper place in the word.

On the rare occasion when he dose regale over old battle stories it’s inevitably the one were he claims to have been attacked by a vengeful specter late one evening in the wine cellar of his town home estate. He claims to have drove it off with nothing more than a prayer to Morrow and a sound bludgeoning from a bottle of Rhyddenian Red 597. However his victory came at a dire price. The wraith withered his right arm into a desiccated husk, and tore deep scars in his right cheek. It was the horror of the incident that turned his coal black hair snow white and his deep brown eyes the color of burnished steel.

Fortunately for Duke Milo he was of the means necessary to have his arm replaced. His new right arm is beautifully wrought marriage of form and function in bronze clock-works. It even has a built in pocket watch around the wrist area that reveals itself when ever he checks the time. Which is quite often as he’s very punctual and respects time.

Sir Milo Bradigan Forsythe III

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