Sir Vendrom Smiles-Lys - RIP

DEAD : Human Gifted Aristocrat Warcaster


In aristocratic circles the word ‘common’ is often a pejorative. Unfortunately for Vendrom, ‘common’, would exactly be what most of his enemies and acquaintances would call him, behind his back of course. In fact, without his obviously expensive clothes, one might not even think of him as anything more than the swelling number of nouveau riche Upper Classes that are rising within Corvis. He’s neither beard nor fancy mustache (though he tried; his body hair just doesn’t seem to work). He does have several battle scars on his arms, legs, and other body parts, on his face (which he covers up with makeup at ‘polite’ society functions, if necessary) from too many days in the field. He has prematurely graying black hair at 20. He’s of average size, despite the military, and on the slight side of average for height. In short, Sir. Vendrom Smiles-Lys is the nobleman at the party the crowd might assume he was a well-liveried man servant. In a military event, he’s probably be mistaken for the lord’s assistant. All good things, as far as he is concerned.


A Scion of the esteemed noble house of Smiles, Vendrom felt it was his duty to join the Cynarian military after the discovery of his talent as a Focuser was tested for. The head of the house, his grandfather Fredrick, hoped that it would be a sign of a remarkable career ahead, and hoped that the boy would go far. For in truth, the boy had been an ‘accident’ of one of his daughters, who died giving childbirth, with a young man of House Lys. The couple were, of course, retroactively married. In negotiating the boy’s future, the Lys family gave up estates to Sir Fredrick, as recompense for ‘limiting’ legal responsibility from his father, Johnas-James, to take care of the child. Nevertheless, he’s still considered part of the family, especially after his Gifted nature was tested for. House Lys is considered his Second Family. Instead, he’d had to rely on connections to get his Military Commission, rather than earning it on his own merit. On the other hand, he did earn a lot of demerits for recklessly endangering himself, and those under his command. He also had a bad knack for walking into enemy traps. In one such instance, in which he lost his whole platoon in a combat, again, he was captured and tortured by the enemy, leaving him heavily scarred on his arms and legs and body, and rumored to be impotent. Some time passed before the ransom came (thus the injuries), returning Sir Vendrom to Corvis. He spent most of his convalescence, and his accumulated pay drinking. His grandfather attempted to get him involved with the University of Corvis, but his sub-par test scores did not merit him entry. So, in an attempt at trying to do something ‘academic’, he petitioned to join the Newspaper to try to improve his writing skill and knowledge.

Sir Vendrom Smiles-Lys - RIP

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