Ancestral Estate (upper, 5, 10)
You live on an ancestral estate, with several of your family (close and extended) and a flock of servants. You live in pampered luxury, but have little privacy and your time is frequently accountable to others. The estate might be rural and surrounded by the cottages of workers, or it could be an urban mansion in a private enclosure. For 10 points you actually own the estate itself. You might have inherited it from your departed parents, or somehow forced the previous owner to hand it over to you. As the owner you can turn out any of your indolent family if you so choose!

Ancestral Sword (middle/upper, 3, 6, 9)
This sword has been passed down through generations until it reached you. Rather than hang it over the mantelpiece, you’re going to do something with it! Perhaps it’s magical, imbued by the spirits of generations past, or the legacy of those who’ve wielded the sword in the past is just too strong to ignore, but this sword seems somehow sharper than others and deals additional damage or has a bonus to hit, (your choice). The type of sword – cutlass, sabre, or broad – is up to you But must be affordable under your starting money or equipment allowance. If you invest 3 character points, the sword has either +1 damage or +1 accuracy, but not both. If you invest 6 character points, the sword has either +2 damage or +2 accuracy, but not both, and if you invest 9 character dice, the sword has either +3 damage or +3 accuracy, but not both. With the Gamemaster’s permission you can divide the bonus points between damage and accuracy (such as having +2 damage +1 accuracy for an 9 point sword).

Barge (any, 2)
You own a river barge moored locally. The barge could be used for cargo, or you might live upon it – or both. Such lodgings would be cramped for more than two.

Bolt-hole (any, 2)
You know a secret place where, by trespassing, you can shelter from harm; it might be an abandoned warehouse, or a dry section of sewer, or a secret entrance into the loft or basement of a large building such as a theatre. Regardless of the location, the space is both free and hidden – but the longer you spend there, the more likely your refuge is detected.

Carriage (Upper, 5)
You own a carriage. You can use it to transport yourself around town or the local country side. Carriage require two horses (included in the cost) and a driver, not included unless you have servants.

Coach (middle, 5)
You own a coach. You can use it to transport yourself, but it is more likely used to convey others in return for coin (You can drive or higher a driver for a share of the coin). Coaches require two horses (included in the cost).

Fashionable City Apartment (upper/middle, 4)
You own a fashionable apartment in a wealthy part of the city. You might live there, or it might be a second residence for entertaining others. If you choose an allowance for an income (or choose no income) then the apartment is family property. If your income is independent then the apartment is truly yours.

Fashionable Villa (upper/middle, 5)
You own a fashionable villa (detached house) in a wealthy part of the city or country side . You might live there, or it might be a second residence for renting to others. If you choose an allowance for an income (or choose no income) then the villa is family property. If your income is independent then the villa is truly yours.

Foreign Redoubt (upper, 5)
You have land and a small manor in a foreign country. If you and your compatriots ever need to leave your country in a hurry, you have someplace you can lay low for a while. The manor includes a small staff to take care of the character’s needs. Foreign Redoubt can be taken more than once, giving the character a manor in different countries.

Horse (any, 2)
You own a horse. It could be a riding horse, or a draft horse for pulling a coach/cab cart/barrow.

Hunting Dog (any, 1)
You own a hunting dog. Such dogs are highly trained to follow commands such as ‘sit’, ‘stay’, ‘fetch’ and ‘kill!’ Yours can be so trained for the cost of 2 extra points for each ‘trick’. However, they will all come when called and understand basic commands like ‘sit’ and ‘stay’. Hunting dogs are aggressive and considered very valuable.

Income – Lower class (lower 2/5/10)
You manage to earn a wage for yourself. For 2 points it is a hand to mouth existence. You might be a low grade prostitute or sell wares from a Barrow. You can just about pay the rent and eat but have little else to show for it. You begin game month with an extra 5 GC For 5 points you have an irregular wage, from dependable criminal activities or, more likely, factory work. You begin each game month with 10 gold crown. For 10 points you have a good job or a prospering small business. You might have an established market stall, work as a factory foreman or be a servant in a good house (or just do very well from criminal activities). You begin each game month with 25 gold crowns.

Income – Middle class (middle 2/5/10)
You earn a regular wage, usually from business ventures and trade. For 2 points you begin each game month with an extra 20 Gold Crowns, for 5 points you have 40 Gold Crowns and for 10 points you begin each game month with an extra 100 gold crowns

Income – Upper class (upper 2/5/10)
You have an income provided by your family. If you annoy or upset them, they can cut you off and you get nothing. For 2 points you begin each game month with an extra 200 Gold Crowns, for 5 points you have 2d4 * 400 Gold Crowns and for 10 points you begin each game month with an extra 1000 gold crowns

Independent Income (upper, 5)
You have made your own investments and speculations, and as a result have an income that you can call your own, rather than relying on handouts from the family. However, an independent income is rarely as good as what the family provides. So the money you receive from any Income Asset is halved.

Laboratory (middle, upper, 3)
You have access to a small scientific lab designed for working in a specific scientific area, such as Chemistry or Alchemy. Any use of a skill related to the lab gains a +2 modifier for having the right tools to hand. You can enhance your lab, making its bonus apply in different disciplines, by buying this Asset again. Labs need not be actual laboratories – for instance, a Surgery is effectively a Lab with a bonus for medicine rolls. Characters can have magical labs, but they cost 6 points and do not grant a bonus for casting spells.

Library (middle, upper, 3, 5, 8)
You have an extensive private collection of books on a particular subject (Choose One). You have to choose which subject when paying for this asset. When an appropriate amount of time is spent studying the (usually Perception-based) subject, the Gamemaster might allow you a bonus to a skill roll concerning this subject. For 3 points (a small collection of books) you get a +1 bonus, for 5 points (an actual library, filling the shelves of a room) you get +2, and you get +3 for 8 points (A collection spanning possibly more than one room or floors, requiring ladders to reach the top shelves). More specific rare tomes should be purchased separately, and are not included in the library.

Loyal Servant (middle, upper, 5, 8)
You have a loyal (NPC) servant in your employ; a paid sidekick, if you will, that has bonded with you as a friend and ally. This servant should have a well defined personality and background, and even personal goals of his or her own. The servant has one or two fields of expertise where he or she is particularly useful, and might even be indispensable. Most commonly this servant will supply interesting information and insights, but they could instead be a bodyguard. For 8 points this servant is possibly from some foreign and exotic land and naturally has access to strange and exotic (possibly esoteric) knowledge. Your Loyal Servant must be approved by the Gamemaster.

Slum Landlord (lower, 5)
You run a slum tenement. It shelters the gutter poor and criminals of the area in exchange for a copper farthing per night. This will frequently be a haven of extortion, robbery and prostitution. You need to demand money upfront as otherwise your clients invariably leave without paying.

Slum Lodgings (lower, 1)
You live in a slum lodgings house, sharing a small room with up to ten others, and your bed is sometimes as crude as a pile of dirty straw in a corner. Slum are havens of crime and villainy, and your privacy and property are never truly safe in such an environment.

Race Horse (Middle/Upper, 4, 7, 10)
You own a race horse. For 4 points the horse has a 1 in 10 chance of winning each race it enters. For 7 Points a 1 in 8, and for 10 Points a 1 in 6. You need to cover race entry fees, but stabling and tack is covered.

Rented Court Lodgings (lower, 2)
In the poorest sections of the city there are warrens between the streets, crammed with ramshackle buildings. You live in just such an area, in a single room that you call your own. Sanitation is poor, usually with a communal lavatory and open wash area to provide for the whole court.

Rented Terrace House (middle/lower, 3)
You live in a respectable terraced house. It’s small, but there are enough rooms for a family’s privacy, and your own washing amenities. It is situated in a decent area where you can trust your neighbours not to rob you.

Respectable Boarding House (lower/middle 4)
You rent a very good middle class flat. The place is spacious and furnished well, and has a stoical but respectable Landlady. There are many other guests in the building, but all are of upper middle class stock.

Safe House (Any 2)
You have somewhere to go, a place of safety run by a group you trust. It may be you are part of a gang, or they owe you a favour. They look after you, feed you and hide you from the authorities when you are in need. However, it is not a hotel; you cannot treat it as lodgings and your being there may endanger the group if you are found. Do not overstay your welcome.

Servants (Upper 1+)
You have a servant who takes care of your daily needs in the areas of cooking, cleaning, dressing, running errands etc. For each point spent beyond 1 you have 1 extra servant. You must have a house or villa in order to have servants. These are all NPCs.

Servant’s Quarters (lower/middle 2)
Your job comes with lodgings. You might live in the servant’s quarters of the house you work in, or have a room in the shop or factory you are apprenticed in. You could apply this Asset to military characters who live in barracks.

Stalwart Friends (any, 5, 8, 10)
Friends help you move, stalwart friends help you move bodies. You have a gang of close friends. Maybe you were all at University together, or maybe you prowled streets as young bucks, but this group of friends will do almost anything for you, depending on the option points invested in the group. If you invest 5 option points, the group will help you with any legal endeavour. If 8 option points are invested, the group will help you with any legal endeavour and most illegal ones. With 10 option points, the stalwart friends will do anything and everything to help you. The friends should be created as though they were Level 1 player characters with skills that the Gamemaster feels are relevant.

Trained Pet (any, 1 +2 points per trick)
You own a pet that can do a few tricks. It may be a dog, cat, parrot or even a monkey. The pet costs you 1 point, for which you have its loyalty (as long as you treat it well). For each additional 2 points you spend it has been trained to do a simple trick such as bark to order, play dead or fetch.

Trusty Rifle (middle, upper, 3, 6, 9)
While some families may be archaic enough to hand down swords, modern families treasure rifles. This rifle has seen your lineage through good times and bad. Maybe it fought against Khadorian incursions , or maybe it just hunted deer. Regardless, it has served the family well and provides a bonus to either damage or accuracy. If you invest 3 option points, the rifle has either +1 damage or +1 accuracy, but not both. If you invest 6 option points, the rifle has either +2 damage or +2 accuracy, but not both, and if you invest 9 option points, the rifle has either +3 damage or +3 accuracy, but not both. The actual rifle type is left up to you. But must be affordable under your starting money or equipment allowance.

Wardrobe (middle 6, upper, 3)
No matter your income you manage to always cloth yourself in the appropriate fashion. It may be you are adept at adjusting your clothes or just have such style people don’t notice the details you miss. If money is no object you simply buy the latest fashions, if you are poor, maybe it is for the same reason! Whatever the reason, your clothes are usually immaculate and fashionable and you are always well groomed and turned out. You gain a bonus of +4 any social rolls to determine how good you look.

War Horse (Upper, 6)
You own a Battle Hardened War Horse, trained as both a riding and fighting beast. It is intelligent enough to recognise you but the Gamemaster is encouraged to give it a personality of its own. It is also extremely expensive to keep. It requires stables and a lot of looking after, which costs 30 Gold Crowns at the beginning of each story arc. If the cost isn’t met the War Horse is either hungry, agitated or both. Try explaining to the cab driver why your ride has just kicked to death his pony. If you keep failing to pay the War Horse may become unmanageable or ever die.


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