Church of Menoth

The Church of Menoth in Corvis tends to a rather down trodden following. The Menites of Corvis are refugees and Deserters from Menoth who believe that, while Menoth is the Father of all Gods and the Human Race, and that all other races are lesser to Humans, they don’t believe in laying down their lives for Menoth to fuel the engines of War against Cygnar. To many the war is a false war, as it is a battle of nations, not a battle of Beliefs. As such the followers of Menoth in Cygnar tend to despise followers of Morrow more than other races, seeing Morrow and Thamar as splinter factions that have weakened the race of Man.

However they are a poor lot, and while they have put together strong support groups to help each other they are still, on the whole, very poor.

The Church itself is a solid structure, built before the present wars started. It has been defaced multiple times and targeted by arsonists (not something they’d recommend) by still stands strong as a bastion of faith in an Ocean of filth.

The flock of Menoth is tended to be Scrutator Klovitch, an elderly Khadorian Menite of the old Faith.

Church of Menoth

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