Corvis Today

At it’s heart very little has changed in Corvis over the past 5 years. It is still a busy industrial port city. The streets crowded with people of all cultures and backgrounds. Gobbers, Trollkin and Humans mix easily in business and life.

However the situation for Corvis has certainly changed, while once it was just the Skorne that threatened, Corvis now finds itself on the front line of the war with Khador. Refugees from the north and a the remnants of the Northern Cygnarian army groups have descended on Corvis.

The city streets now play home to a vast number of people who have fled the fighting in the North as well as Llaelese refugees who are flowing ever southwards. Corvis military officers can be seen frequently around town as well as the occasional stormsmith and War Casters…on rare occasions War Jacks are seen accompanying the War Casters.

The underbelly of the city is rife with profit as the gangs feast on the over flow of humanity that have become easy prey, folks desperate for money, others eager for entertainment, race and social class mean nothing to the criminals, it’s all about making money.

The upper echelons of the city have also seen their lives change as officers and Cygnarian lords are now based in the city, adding to the party scene and social events that Corvis has to offer.

The only true darkness in the city is an area now known as the Wytch Werks, an area of darkness and undeath. Only the insane, the foolhardy and priests dare go. Where the dead, and worse walk the streets, and rumours talk of creatures created from black magic mixed with steam power.

All in all it’s a good time to be in Corvis…but how long that will last is another question, there is peace for now…but for how long.

Corvis Today

Werks within Werks. Khunkwai