Districts of Corvis

Corvis can be divided up into several clear…and many not so clear districts as follows.

The Quad
The center of the city is a large cobblestone clearing over 100 yards on a side. The Quad is usually packed with merchants, and it is a popular spot for both tourists and natives of Corvis. Many of the river merchants will set up shop here for a few days before moving on, so there is always something new to see.

Merchants Bourg
his is a catch-all district where merchants of various sorts have gathered over the years. Technically, the Quad is part of this bourg.

The docks and warehouses used by the merchants are in what is undeniably the worst part of the surface city. Despite the best efforts of the watch, the waterfront is nothing but trouble. This area stretches a mile long, and is packed with wagons, labour jacks, carriages, and foot traffic trying to get around a constant blockade of goods in crates, bundles, and bales waiting for loading or off-loading from the ships that are always crowding the wharves. The warehouses that crowd the streets around the area create a tunnel-like feeling due to the tangle of catwalks, ladders, and cranes that crisscross the air above the streets. This is an area where all manner of toughs roam the area, looking for work or an easy mark to assault and rob. Pickpockets are legion in this area, usually in the form of young children.

Armourers Bourg
Almost a dozen weapon and armor smiths will compete for your gold in these narrow streets. The few shops that repair steamjacks can be found here as well.

Grocer’s Bourg
This bourg is home to the finest foodstuffs outside Caspia. Salted meats and hardtack for the thrifty can be found as well.

Jeweller’s Bourg
These merchants are tucked away in the spires of the southern city. Moneychangers and moneylenders are also here. The area, is mostly nouveau riche looking to live near the older monied and titled families, but it is also home to a great many immigrants. The area is particularly popular with Menites who escaped conscription and persecution in their homeland. These Menites set up an enclave of talented craftsmen: mainly jewellers but also smiths, tinkers and tailors, watchmakers and cutlers, butchers and shop owners. Many are incredibly poor, but sacrifice much to profit and rise in their station. The Menite community works together, setting up benevolence societies and other groups to try and pool resources and collectively improve their lives.

The Parklands
Home to the rich and lordly. The house, shops and security here are several steps above the rest of the city. Even getting into the Parklands requires that you at least look the part. The city hall and other stations of power are to be found in this area.

Districts of Corvis

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