Domus Alucinae

The Domus Alucinae is one of several small groups, albeit with a deeper dedication to their cause than the others. As the years progressed, they came to understand that the mind is programmable. The application of drugs and mesmerism can inure subjects from pain, free them from unwanted memories and quell the distresses of many emotions.

Professor Roderick Eggleston

The members believe that the human mind has untapped potential. They continue to study the
mind, the thought processes and resulting emotions. Attempting to chart the frontiers of thought, memory and emotion, they expect to find the mind capable of wondrous exertion. Of particular interest are the effects of chemicals, meditation and certain plant derivatives upon the function of the brain. Through their use, they expect to usher in a revolution of thought to match the power of the industrial powers.

The Domus Alucinae has a stringent policy on accepting new members. While it is likely that those
of the upper class and well-to-do middle class may have heard about their ether frolics, mesmerism and sweat sessions, the vast majority of the population does not have the intellectual freedom necessary to provide the group with anything more than an additional test subject. However, those with a strong background of medical training and some experience with the sciences of the mind may find an invitation to the Wirth Estate.

Domus Alucinae

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