Characters and NPCs, can and generally do, follow a set of core beliefs of subscribe to the beliefs of a particular faction. These beliefs may be life dominating or simply lip service. Beliefs can change over time based on in game experiences and debates / conversations with characters that lead to a conversion or increase in the belief.

Characters have up to 8 Points that can be spent on 1-3 beliefs/factions, no two selections may start with the same dedication rating above 2. i.e. They may all be 1 or 2, but if a belief is 3 , 4 or 5 then no other starting belief can share the same dedication rating.

Some of the examples of beliefs that may be chosen are as follows

  • Guild (Various)
  • Clan/Gang (Various)
  • Royalist
  • Nationalist
  • Luddite
  • Club/Society (Various)
  • Morrow
  • Menoth
  • Thamar
  • Great Fathers (Dwarves Only)
  • Nyssor (Elves Only)
  • Scyrah (Elves Only)
  • Dhunia
  • Cyriss
  • Devourer Wurm


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