Hellith's Mechanika Worshop

Please take all items listed with a grain of salt as Iosan Mechanika is house ruled and subject to Gm’s fiat and whim. Requests and planned Projects will be discussed in the GM secret Segment until finalized.

Mistress Hellith is opening up the doors to her workshop.
Anything Crafted By Mistress Hellith is a distinct piece of art, it shows distinct signs of craftsmanship other then a regular Arcane Mechanics work. Distinct Light Green Lines where the power of the Mechanica flows through the Item when Activated, and the telltale flourish of Etching and Highlights.

All she needs is time, funding and some security and she can make wonders.

The Workshop is open to Commissions, please send requests to Mistress Hellith Directly, Priority will be granted to Members of the Order, with potential prioritizing depending on type of item and it’s function/purpose. She will gladly craft at cost for Members of the order as long as her workshop remains well stocked with parts and pieces.

Any commissioned pieces will be planned and detailed out and a time frame will be listed on this page, constructed Items will be written up and placed in the item section only when complete.

To one side of the room is a currently empty rack with a logbook.
The book would hold the list of items and who has currently taken possession of them in the name of the Learned Order of the Rune.

Current Project:

-Rifle. with Fitted Arcantrik Scope

The Rifle. Eagle’s Strike

Prototype Mundane Heavy Rifle. 7-10 days work.
Hellith’s Arcantrik Scope 3 weeks + 3-5 days for the Scope + 3 Days Powercore

Arcane Mechanic Rifle With Scope: Eagle’s Strike
Heavy Rifle Housing – 18-28 days work On housing and scope
8 Weeks Runeplate Etching (Optional Alternate Rune plates possible)
1 Week for Iosan Powercore, backpack with power cables to the rifle and scope.(Good for 2 days of on/off shooting and scoping. it then requires 1 hour recharge Outside of city in natural setting if recharged within city, or similarly industrialized area’s, the Scope will not function.)

The equipment rack:
- Nothing

- Iosan Warcaster armour – Hellith Wyldiss
- Corrosion Pistol – Hellith Wyldiss

Pending Commissions:

Tailored Runeplate

Hellith's Mechanika Worshop

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