House Rules

At this time there are no house rules. Any developed during the campaign will be added here.

Pain of Healing
There are notes on the cheat sheet on the Pain of Healing and the associated modifiers for the priest and healed individual. Rules Here.

Spells and Magic.
The information listed here is generally not visible to (all) players, and are accessible only through the right connections. Core page is here.

Development Points
Each character starts the game with 15 development points that can be spent on privileges, assets and traits. They can also take complications to increase this. And may chose to drop the initial character stat increases in order to gain 2 development points for the first point dropped and 1 for the second. A minimum of 3 points must be spent on each of privileges and assets

Social Class
The Kingdoms of West Immoren are to great and lesser extents driven by society. And within society everyone has a rank and a place. Rules Here. ( Privileges / Assets / Complications )

Factions / Beliefs
While not true to everyone, most people have some core belief that they follow, this does not have to be a religious belief, but something more fundamental to who they are and what they do with their lives. Beliefs can influence their actions, and be changed by the actions of others. Rules Here.

Background facts of the starting characters, these may also change over time but define some parts of the starting personality. Rules Here.

House Rules

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