Learned Order of the Rune

Hmlor runes
His Majesty’s Royal Learnéd Order of the Rune is dedicated to investigating the exciting new field of Universal Rune Theory, the idea that there is an underlying runic formula to all branches of Arcane Science.

This has brought together several individuals representing many of the Gifted races of Immorren under one roof from very diverse disciplines of runic science.

After their audience with Naes Srond, they have been named Associate Members of the Fraternal Order of Wizardry.

Players Arcane Order.

Full Members:

  1. Learnéd Wisdom Balder Greenhammer
  2. Learnéd Brother Brent Longbridge
  3. Learnéd Mistress Hellith Wyldiss
  4. Learnéd Master Yannov Magrovich
  5. Learnéd Caller Thorgrim
  6. Learnéd Sir Vendrom Smiles-LysDeceased


  1. Sir Milo Bradigan Forsythe III
  2. Master Bayden di Rhynir
  3. Master Indiana Holmes
  4. Goodman Cobb Ironside
  5. Mastergobber JordieCurrently engaged on other business
  6. Goodgobber PeeweeDeceased

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Learned Order of the Rune

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