Magic and Mechanics

There are several kinds of magic and mechanical power around in the world. The known types are as follows;

Magic – Will Weavers Use their own internal will to power their magical abilities. They are often in tune with the elements and beasts around them. They also have the ability to use powers beyond the normal limits of their body, as long as their will remain strong

Magic – Focus Users Trained spell casters who use force of will to both power their spells and pass on this power to bonded mechanical devices such as Jacks and Rune powered Mechanika. While unable to over cast like Will Weavers can, they have the ability to use their focus in far more ways.

Mechanic – Steam The majority of machines in the world are driven by coal fired steam engines. This includes all things from the mundane industrial engines to ships to Steam Jacks. At the upper end of the scale these Steam engines power highly advanced war jacks…but they are at the end of the day reliant on their coal fired engines

Mechanic – Souls The forces of Cryx use the power of souls to drive many of their engines, many use this in combination with Steam Power, or in some cases they use just the unholy power of souls. Some Followers of Thamar have also found ways to utilize the souls of the recently dead.

Mechanic – Clock Work Less common are devices driven by Clock work, the acolytes of Cyriss are devoted to this form of power, they are able to create devices large and small that run on the quiet efficiency of wound up cogs and springs.

Mechanic – Werks Rather new and still very uncommon, the combination of Clock Work and Steam power to drive machines and engineering devices. Frowned upon by the Steam Union.

Magic – Rune Plates Used to power Mechanika. Rune plates allow mechanical devices to hold charges for specific magical effects. Mechanika devices require a battery to provide the charge to power the rune plates. Once the battery runs out the device will not function.

Magic – Divine Most divine magic users are Will Weavers, how ever this may not always be the case. Divine casters are also the only magic users with the ability to heal wounds and cure the sick.

Magic – Enchanted Rare items that have been magically enchanted, holding no rune plates or battery. Some have come about through great magical works, others appear to be almost natural in their function and form.

Magic – Haemomancy Haemomancers use their blood, or the blood of others to cast spells. It is an abomination the eyes of pretty much every church and nation. Little else is known

Magic – Necromancy Necromancers are believed to be will weavers and followers of Thamar, dabbling in the creation of undead creatures and the summoning of spirits for their twisted needs.

Magic – Infernalism Infernalist / Diablorist summon creates from beyond the pale. How is not known, most are believed to be followers of Thamar, but this is speculation.

Magic and Mechanics

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