Corvis has a number of local newspapers. The Corvis Evening News is by far the most popular and widely read across all levels of society, though the lower class will usually be reading their copy after it has been salvaged from the garbage or prior to it being used to wrap their feet….or even while on their feet at times….assuming they can read that is….. with the death of notable writer Keve, his brother Mel has stepped in to fill his large shoes. Keve may well be missed as Mel is not half the reporter his brother was.

The Corvis Tatler is a weekly “rag” that caters to the lovers of gossip and the lurid tales of High Society mishaps. Affairs, accidents, fashion faux pas and empty parties are the realm of the Tatler.

For the upper classes the weekly Trewman’s Corvis Flying Post stays in touch with articles that are topical, timely and relevant to those in the upper echelons of Corvis. Every quality waiting room has a goodly stack of these on hand.

Also for the upper class, but those with a more political leaning is Cobbett’s Weekly Political Register, a rather radical piece of literature that covers a number of topics that are not awfully popular with the city council or the King.

The Gaz is a monthly publishing that reaches out to the more mechanikal minded, also touching on topics of alchemy. The paper even has a section written for Gobbers in what is best described as “kind of artistic”.

Middle class entertainment is provided in the form of the popular “You’re Nicked”, which covers local crime, or rather the lighter side of crime, with a specific focus on criminal blunders, captures and street news. Officer Skint is known to contribute quite heavily to the paper.

Notable Reporters

  • Mel Murdoch – “Corvis Evening News”
  • Isaac Bickerstaff – “Corvis Tatler”
  • Andrew Brice – “Trewman’s Corvis Flying Post”
  • William Cobbett – “Cobbett’s Weekly Political Register” (Owner and Editor)
  • Melvin Shadwell – “The Gaz”
  • Office Skint – “Your Nicked!”


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