Recent History

603 AR Vinter Raelthorne IV invades Corvis with Skorne allies. The Harbinger of Menoth is discovered and brought to Imer to meet Hierarch Garrik Voyle. The time of the Witchfire campaign

604 AR Khador launches a full-scale invasion of Llael. Cygnar declares war on Khador in response. Death Jack stopped by the heroes of Corvis.

605 AR Khador defeats the Llaelese army and pushes Cygnar out of Llael after the fall of Merywyn. Riversmet is burned to the ground. The Order of the Golden Crucible surrenders Leryn to Khadoran forces without a fight. The Golden Crucible agrees to produce blasting powder exclusively for the Khadoran military. The Harbinger of Menoth calls upon all Menites to relocate to the Protectorate. Hierarch Garrik Voyle calls a Crusade to reclaim western Immoren. The Protectorate attempts to raze the walls of Caspia. Cygnar counter attacks Sul. Protectorate forces led by Feora, Priestess of the Flame, burn the Llaelese village of Myrr to the ground. Cryxian raiders strike deep into Cygnar, poisoning crops and burning grain silos as far as Bainsmarket.

606 AR Battle of the Temple of Garrodh. Cygnaran forces breach the walls of Sul. First Battle for Northguard ends in Khadoran defeat. Sul-Menite Northern Crusade launched and marches into Occupied Llael. Queen Ayn Vanar declares herself empress of the new Khadoran Empire.

607 AR Cygnaran siege of Sul broken. Sul-Menites counter with an assault on Caspia, resulting in the near-capture of the Cygnaran capital before the death of Hierarch Garrick Voyle. Severius named new hierarch of the Protectorate of Menoth. Khadoran forces lay siege to Northguard once more and in the Second Battle for Northguard emerge triumphant. Broken Cygnaran forces retreat south to Point Bourne, Corvis, and Stonebridge Castle, ceding the Thornwood to the Khadoran Empire. Cygnaran city of Fellig cut off in the retreat, leaving it isolated. Ordic military peacefully occupies Fellig to prevent its capture by Khador.

608 AR The new year brings a tense cease-fire along the Dragon’s Tongue River between Khador and Cygnar, while a similar cessation of hostilities holds between the garrisons of Caspia and Sul. Increased fortifications are erected along borderlands between Khador, Cygnar, and Ord.

Recent History

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