Spanning the known world, this semi- secret order is dedicated to keeping the users of magic in line, ensuring that licensed magic users do not abuse their power and potentially stumble down the path to Necromancy or Demonology. More importantly, they serve to protect the Guild’s reputation, that sorcery under its leadership is safe, secure and in civilised hands. The Silencius fulfil many roles. Highly trained Guild Thaumaturgists in their own right, they also must function as consulting detectives, skilled trackers and, on rare occasions, ruthless executioners of the law.

Unlike the witch hunters of the Order of Illumination, the Silencius are not a government organisation, but a one bound to the Church of Morrow.

Believed to be Tomas Radiczek

The Silencius seeks to enforce the laws of the Guild, insuring that all Guild-licensed magicians follow the strictures. They view their roles less as punishers of wrongs than teachers of the proper path. When someone uses magic inappropriately, the Silencius ensures that he is warned with sufficient exhortation, but proper gentlemanly decorum, not to violate the Guild’s strictures again. If a sorcerer fails to heed the warning, the Silencius takes a more serious approach.

It is believed that each year Eight mew recruits are chosen, representing the original eight members of Silencius selected by the head of the Church of Morrow. Each potential recruit must be a member in good standing with their national Guild and have an impeccable record besides; no magical mishap or questionable use of power can exist in a potential recruit’s past. Once a suitable recruit is found, he is questioned about his opinions regarding magic and its proper place in society. If the recruiter is pleased with the answers, he asks the recruit to investigate a Guild member suspected of misusing magic…

Silencius owes the Order of the Rune a favour, and have invited Brent Longbridge to join the next selection process


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