Temple of Cyriss

The temple of Cyriss has not grown a great deal since the events of the Witchfire. The following is still small and very secretive. The temple appears to have moved itself from the previous known location and could now be anywhere on the waterfront.

Followers of Cyriss still carry their holy symbols in the form of the “Perfect Cog”

Worship of Cyriss is not illegal in Corvis (or Cygnar for that matter) but the followers tend to find themselves shunned by other engineers if they reveal their religious path. The local guilds especially don’t like the followers, for the primary reason that the followers of Cyriss are better engineers. As such they are often locked out of guilds and find it hard to get work once their following is discovered.

While the followers are primarily focused on Clock Work engineering they can lend their skills to any form of mechanical engineering, be it steam, rune plates or mundane engineering. Their clock work mechanisms are in their eyes “pure” containing no power source other than the winding mechanism, mixing clock work and steam power (also known as Werks) is considered a revolting habit and any followers found to be doing so may find themselves on the wrong end of a discussion with some of the more radical followers.

The conversion of ones body parts to clock work pieces is the height of perfection for the more radical followers, however the richer Flash Boys have been noted to pay for Clock work body parts as part of the new fad.

Temple of Cyriss

Werks within Werks. Khunkwai