The Corvis Gentlemans Club

The Corvis Gentleman’s Club has been described as “an oasis of civilisation in a desert of democracy; perhaps the last stronghold of the Aristocracy” and their popularity with the upper classes and aspiring middle classes seems to bear this out.

The Corvis Gentlemen’s Club excludes all but noblemen gentlemen, officers in the Services and the professional classes. Even the most wealthy merchant or trader could not hope to gain entry.

To become a member of the Club an applicant usually had to be nominated by at least two other members of the Club. If the prospective member behaves poorly when they become a member this can reflect badly on those who nominated him, so such nominations are not given lightly.

Upon attaining membership the new member is obliged to pay a one-off membership fee, which typically ranges from GC 200 to GC 500, depending on social status. Thereafter the member pays an annual subscription and pays separately for club services such as dinner, drinks or the use of club rooms or accommodation.

While there are several Gentlemen’s Clubs in Corvis. “The Corvis Gentleman’s Club” is by far the most aristocratic of them all.

Location in Corvis :: The Park

The Corvis Gentlemans Club

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