The Corvis Ladies Circle

Little old ladies—the bigger the city, the more there are and the more they band together in an aging sisterhood of information gatherers. These women spend much of their time listening to everyone’s woes, bringing sustenance to the ill, comforting the grieving and generally keeping up on everyone’s business in their circle of peers and beyond.

Usually widows or spinsters (but not always), these little old ladies are viewed with a myriad of emotions that range from fond affection to outright hatred for their talent of knowing everything that is going on around them. Sometimes they are meddlesome busybodies who have little else to do with their time and they watch others for entertainment. Sometimes,they are much more than that.

The Corvis Ladies Circle is part of the latter set of women. With age comes experience and the members of the Corvis Ladies Circle spend most of their time caring for them and theirs against the true evils of the world. Some would not believe that little old ladies with chicken soup and blueberry scones could be a force to be reckoned with but they would be wrong.

With a wide informal network they have an almost uncanny ability to ferret out information and put the details together. These little old ladies are the hidden, unsung heroines that the world needs more than it knows. Who better to discover that a new wife is concerned that her husband has changed or that her maid was taken ill with a strange fever than the kind, caring ear of a fondly thought of neighbourhood spinster?

Hillary Williamson

The Corvis Ladies Circle, while not typically organised, do have a specific agenda. Their one common goal is to prevent secret societies, cabals and other nefarious groups from gaining power in the realms of politics, economics or magical endeavour. This is how the Ladies of the Circle protect themselves, their families and where they live from those who would do them harm out of greed or malice. ‘The right word in the right ear’ is one of the first mottos that a lady brought in to a Circle is taught. Information is power and by using this to the best of
their abilities they can keep one group fighting the others, and thus, none rises to the top.

There are two strict requirements for joining the Corvis Ladies Circle: the first is that you are female; the second is that you are of middle age. Everything else is negotiable. Class, race, supernatural, mundane and health are all things that are to be judged by the Ladies of the Circle that you are trying to join. However, a large proportion of the membership is from the middle and upper classes and a certain amount of prejudice against using the lower orders prevails. While the information of working class women is considered very valuable, many of the leisured classes still don’t want to invite them into their drawing rooms.

The Corvis Ladies Circle

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