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Plague Spreads, Quarantine Fails!
The efforts of the city council and Duke Ebonheart to stop the spread of the plague from within Corvis have failed, the refugee camp is filled with the moans of the dying…and apparently some of the dead too! Meanwhile the military camps have reported the first cases of the plague within their ranks and harsher measures are sure to follow to ensure that the plague does not spread beyond the present area. Present, rough, estimates put the death toll in the tends of thousands! Mostly amongst the lower class and human laborers. The city gates remain sealed!

Food Arriving but not getting in
As anyone trying to buy food in Corvis will attest. Food might have arrived at Corvis at last, but it does not appear to be getting into the city. The military have denied taking more than their allotted amount and that wagons have been sent onwards after they military rations have been removed, with no law in the refugee camp at this time, it may well be that the refugees are taking full advantage of the fact to steal what they can. The thick smog is making it impossible to keep an eye on what is going on outside the walls and with the curfew in place it’s ten times as hard to keep a check on the chaos that may be going on out there!

Fights in the Refugee Camp
While it may be hard to see, it’s not hard to hear the fights that occur every day in the camp. Facts again are very limited, but one enterprising individual, who will remain nameless reports that the refugees seem to be attacking each other, or rather that a specific group are attacking all the others. This group, which includes women and children are armed with crude swords and weapons and seem to attack with no greater plan than sowing the seeds of chaos! Father Dumas had to withdraw his priests from the camp earlier this week due to the loss of several the goodly men he sent to help the refugees.

And yet they help!
However while the priests of Morrow retreat, it appears others have moved to try and help. Father Nawor has been seen by some of the city watch (from the walls) moving amongst the refugees aiding where he can. As has, and this takes some believing.. Lord Havermore!! Also known to be out there is Scrutator Klovitch, no doubt filling the void left by Father Dumas and bringing souls to Menoth !!

The News 11

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