The News 12

Plague Halted

After months of death and pestilence the plague has finally been brought to an end. The offices of the churches of Corvis and various other city council departments have worked tirelessly to distribute the cure to as many people as possible. Still, when all was done and the dead laid to rest, the population of Corvis is smaller than it was. Estimates of 30% of the city population laid struck down are being stated. The refugees though were hit worst, potentially upwards of 70% dying, though it’s hard to know considering the dead have been thrown into the swamp more often than not! Duke Ebonheart has noted that without the hard work of the Royal Order of the Rune that the cure may never have been found.

Skorne Army On the Move

The large Skorne army that was spotted heading North of Corvis has been seen again heading into the Thornewood forest. With luck they will clash with Troll and Khador forces there and be destroyed!

Refugee Camp Dismantled

With so many dead and housing within the city no available it has been decided to dismantle the refugee camp and integrate the survivors into the city. It is hoped that the local population will welcome their new neighbors and make their introduction to the city a pleasant one. Since forming the camp has been a blight on the city and with the advent of the plague is is unfortunately estimated that around 85% of all those that fled (to Corvis) from Llael and the over run areas of Cygnar have died or gone missing. A sad state of affairs.

Menoth Rising

One item of concern with the refugees is the rise of the worship of Menoth. Scrutator Klovitch stated that this should not be something to worry about, after all, the worship of Menoth ensures a clean and wholesome lifestyle. Father Dumas was not available for comment at press time.

HellStrom Assumes Command

In the absence of a duly elected city council, Duke Ebonheart has stated that Commander HellStrom will “run” the city until such time as an election is held to select a new city council. While Hellstrom takes on these extra responsibilities the task of running the city watch has been assigned to Inquisitor Raman. Raman ask to be quoted as saying “We are everywhere, we are watching you, the hands of Morrow never rest!”

The News 12

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