The News 3


Our intrepid reports have once again dug deeper than the rest of the riff raff that call themselves reporters to bring you an inside scoop! The city council don’t want you to know this but we know for a fact that Mortimus Melvine has been murdered! Worse his head was hacked clean off and his brains devoured! What beast stalks the streets of Corvis that would do such a thing to such a distinguished member of the Steamers Union! The watch are not saying! It’s all hush hush! Beware!

A huge fire engulfed a house near the Quad the other day, and while the watch were not available to comment, we have heard that while the damage was limited and causalities were low, that it was once again caused by the mixing of Gobbers and Chemicals! Time for a new law on this obvious menace!

It’s true, Warcaster and war hero Luis Lewell has been locked up! Mad as can be and raving too. Lewell has been locked up in the Corvis Asylum for the Mentally Unstable and Raving Mad! Apparently for his own safety as well as to protect the general public. Rumours have it that he was found gibbering to himself in his command tent surrounded by the bodies of several of his own command! How far this hero has fallen!

It’s everywhere! It’s not been a good week for the living! A city report states that some 450 souls died over the past week. Most from malnutrition and disease as the refugee situation continues to be completely out of control. These folks need to be moved on for their own good!! What’s Caspia doing in all this! Where’s the food they promised! Does the King care?

On the upside it appears that freaky Hellith Wyldiss has found love! She was spotted “without a chaperone” in the carriage of a well to do gentleman traveling through the streets of Corvis. While the exact identity of the gentleman is not known for sure, he is said to be a well tanned gentleman with a well groomed mustache of great note! Apparently the gossip mongers from the “Corvis Tattler” have identified the gentleman as disgraced noble Sir Milo Bradigan, but this paper can not confirm that and will not stoop to gossip!

Prometheus Grimm Presents

Illumination Cane Handle
A guaranteed favourite amongst Gentleman sorcerers for centuries to come, the illumination cane handle casts a beam of light ahead of the user as if he were wielding a lantern (20 foot range). The light usually comes from two quartz jewels set in the handle like eyeballs (dragons, lions, and wolves are amongst the favoured designs). Illumination from the eyeball is twice as bright as a normal lantern. Eyelids aren’t necessary as the cane only alights when the power word is spoken, but many users prefer the startling effect of the opening eyes. Illumination cane handles can be built into any cane, including sword canes. Some enterprising artificers and engineers are mounting them on the fronts of their Jacks and carriages to illuminate roads at night.

Just 380 Gold Crowns for the design of your choice in silver or gold plate with quartz eyes. Or contact us for a fully custom product!

Entertainment Update

The show is over the curtain has fallen for the last time on the “Lost Soul of Thornwood”. However Miss Tate promises to grace the stage again very soon with an upcoming play called “Fire for All!” This play is based around a small family in Caspia that suddenly found themselves on the Menite side of Caspia after the Menite attack. Forced to confirm to the beliefs of Menoth this play touches the very soul as it delves into how they kept their faith in Morrow alive through the harrowing months that followed.

Rumour has it that tickets to the inaugural voyage of the Royal Blue Bird have been sent out to a number of high society folks. Miss Tate has confirmed she has received an invite too but says she may be too busy with preparation for “Fire for All!” to attend.

Meanwhile RACE DAY IS HERE!!! See you at the races!!!

The News 3

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