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Disaster Strikes! – by Rupert Munrone

Horrifying scenes in the refugee camp today as a large sink hole opened up and swallowed several slum dwellings. The city watch and the Corvis Evening News were quickly on the scene when suddenly a second larger sink hole opened up plunging many of the watch and Keve Murdoch into the depths!!! Several of those that fell in were rescued and the voices of some of the others could be heard shouting out for some time. Keve himself could be heard organizing those that had fallen with him. We have no doubt that the brave and hardy master reporter will be able to keep the other survivors safe until a full rescue can be mounted.

Part of the sink hole has extended beneath the city wall giving major concern to citizens in the city too, meaning this is no longer just a “refugee” concern.

Professor Pendrake has been contacted to discuss the rescue and has said that he has a crack team of professionals ready to head down into the sink hole and handle any potential threats in the hole beyond that of the collapse itself…Pendrake would not elaborate on the threat itself!!

It’s been 3 hours since the first sink hole opened…we all nervously await the rescue mission!

The News 6

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