The Ten Bells

This Public House has been brewing its own beer for over 100 years, or so the banner above the windows proclaims. Positioned just off the Docks, the Ten Bells is a more respectable public house than most in this area. Its positioning, plus the decent beer and food, earns it more business than just the locals. It is up-market enough to attract not only the better off lower classes, but a good few of the middle class and (on rare occasions) even the upper class as well. The decent food and drink makes it a special treat for many of the very poor lower classes. For some, this is the best they will ever be able to afford, and certainly the best value they’ll get for their pennies.

There are two things that make the Ten Bell’s special. The convivial atmosphere between the classes means that it is the perfect place for discreet meetings assignations. The second way the pub stands out is that it’s ‘down to earth without being seedy’ character attracts many artists and philosophers to the place. Often the artistic and bohemian set who are in attendance are the bored younger sons on the gentry rather than renowned scholars. They come to fervently debate (often very seriously) the latest paintings and ideas of the day with other amateurs who have too much time on their hands. However, the atmosphere has often drawn political, artistic and philosophical luminaries for the occasional evening. For the same reasons it is a popular recruiting ground for anarchists and other radicals. The air here is often thick with plots and artistic arguments amidst the cigar smoke and clink of ale mugs.

The pub is owned by Josiah Spent and his family, passed onto him from his father who also taught him the secrets of brewing the pubs distinctive ale. Josiah looks after the bar, and his wife Penny runs the kitchen. Penny is a skilled cook and although the pub serves simple fare it is easily among the best to be found in the East End. Josiah and Penny have two teenage daughters (Sarah and Mary) who work as waitresses and help in the kitchen. Their virtue is not for sale, and Josiah nearly killed the last customer who suggested it might be. The family has a son, Tomas, who is away at school. They have high hopes he will be able to study and make something of himself if they can afford to keep him there.

Possibly the only person in the entire city who is not welcome in the Ten Bells is Cobb Ironside!!

The Ten Bells

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