Tor Society

Part club and part scientific institution, the Tor Society serves as an amateur association dedicated to the study of ancient Tor. It possesses far less prestige and patronage than the University of Corvis but its members do not aspire to the pretentiousness of academics and scholars. Instead, they seek to improve their own and others’ knowledge of Tor through frequent lectures, monograph and pamphlet publication, access to the society’s specialist library, and sponsorship of a small archaeological expedition each year.

Archibald Paget
Marion Alderbright
Evelyn Hewitt

The Tor Society functions primarily as a resource for those seeking information on Ancient Tor, either casually through lectures or more seriously with dedicated study facilities and research materials. Its public pursuits focus on promoting knowledge of the period through lectures and small exhibitions, though the annual expedition garners popular interest and ultimately scholarly attention.

Although primarily concerned with providing resources to its membership, the Society seeks toemploy the knowledge and talents of its associates for its own academic purposes: collecting and preserving Tor artefacts, sharing research among peers to further understanding of ancient Tor and occasionally publishing significant research for the scholarly community.

Although the Society welcomes the public to lectures and exhibitions, members are granted exclusive access to the institution’s smoking room and parlour (for the ladies), dining room, and the extensive library. To acquire membership, one must have a proven accomplishment in the field of either Tor or archaeology, or at the very least an intense interest in and ability to understand and excel at these subjects. Assuming one passes the scrutiny of an interview with the three key founders, Archibald Paget, Marion Alderbright, and Evelyn Hewitt, members pay an annual fee of 200 Gold Crowns for access to the Society’s exclusive facilities. The building remains open for visitors and members’ afternoons from noon until 6 p.m., later on lecture nights and for members conducting research with the staff’s approval. The Society also welcomes notable Torologists visiting Corvis who wish to conduct research in the library.

Tor Society

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