University of Corvis

A city-sponsored institution, the University of Corvis was established for conferring degrees, after careful examinations, of the titles Bachelor, Master, and Doctor in Arts, Science, Engineering, Medicine, Surgery, Chemistry, Music, Linguistics, History, Literature Cryptomancy, Pharmacy and also in other such departments of knowledge, although specifically not Law, Logic or Philosophy, which are the specialties of Alderman University. The University is open to students starting at age sixteen, and is governed by the Chancellor, a Vice-Chancellor, and a distinguished panel of 36 Fellows.

The fees to attend are high, and the competition for scholarships fierce. Many a student volunteers themselves for science and medical experiments, or for duty on the Innovations Patrol as a way to help pay the tuition. Living quarters are usually only affordable by the semi-wealthy, and it is not uncommon for students to live six to ten at a time in a nearby rental space meant for a small family.

The grounds themselves are quite spectacular. Most buildings are stone and rise six stories high, with lecture-rooms and open areas for the exercise of the pupils on the first two floors, and billeting/housing for the students on the upper four floors. The grounds, and particularly the museums, are open to the public.

It is not uncommon for professors to receive borders who can’t afford to live in the main dorms. Usually, professors take on students interested in their field of study, and more often than not the students pay off some of their rent in free service as lab assistants.

University of Corvis

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