Wyldiss Wonders Society

This Iosan freaks fan club has attracted members across most segments of Corvis society that simply can not get enough of Wyldiss. Labeled by the rest of society as odd balls and attention seekers. The group has a single minded focus to document everything that Wyldiss does, no matter how mundane.

Reginald Wyldiss
Helen Wyldiss

While the primary focus of Wyldiss Wonders Society is documenting everything does. The Society club house also houses a collection of items that Wyldiss has owned..or in some cases touched for a few moments. The collection houses some of the most mundane items one could possibly imagine. Several of the members have gone as far as hiring mechanics to design “replica” Iosan armour and weapons so that they can walk the streets pretending to be Wyldiss. Helen Wyldiss does incredibly good make up

To join the society a prospective member must pass a test. This is three fold, one part is to answer a range of questions on Wyldiss, half of which covers the last 48 hours of his life. The second part is to provide an artifact for the collection or to have been witnessed interacting with the Iosan. Finally one must be good looking or at least freakishly interesting to look at. Iosan elves would be granted automatic membership but none have applied to join.

Wyldiss Wonders Society

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