Asylum of the Lost

While most of the private Asylums of Corvis contain patients with temporary delusions and occasional “bad spells,” and have a 75% success rate at “curing” patients within a year, the castle-like Asylum of the Lost is so named both because most of its patients have been diagnosed as “incurable,” and also because they have a tendency to have been abandoned by their families. In such cases, many have their care paid for by local churches, philanthropists, or, after all other options are exhausted, by the city itself. Citizens suffering from general stress are usually reserved for private asylums or simply cared for in their homes.

The two separate wings house females on one side and males on the other, with one attendant on duty for every 20 inmates, and a total patient population of between 250-500, depending on number of patients allowed per room. The Asylum is five levels high, with each level mimicking the one beneath, and stairwells in each of the circles inside the octagon towers.

Overall these inmates appear normal, other than the distrust of one another and the desire to be left alone common with most, but not all, of the patients. The delusional ones are usually capable of carrying on basic trade tasks (laundry, needlework, carpentry, cleaning), but while doing so believe themselves or their surroundings to be something other than the factual truth.

Each wing also contains a section for those prone to unpredictable or constant violent or sadistic outbursts, although those inmates are kept permanently sedated and/or restrained. For those not sedated, all inmates are given productive tasks to do throughout the day, and are given regular exercise in the “airing courts.”

There is also a special section for holding Focus and Will Weavers that keep them permanently disrupted or Fatigued. While this is not pleasant for those detained, it’s a precaution that is needed for the protection of the staff.

Asylum of the Lost

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