Pendrake Expeditions

Upcoming Prof. Pendrake expeditions with summaries, aims and fees are presented here.

All explorers should note that you join such expeditions at your own risk and Prof. Pendrake makes absolutely no guarantees that the expeditions will (a) get where they are going (b) be successful © be safe. Risk factors are estimates and should not be taken as hard facts. Explorers are expected to provide their own equipment, food and personal comforts. Transport, such as it may be, will be provided for. All explorers must complete a “Will” before setting off.

University Alumni and present students / staff receive a 50% discount, members of the clergy are always welcome for free on the assumption that they will be available to bring the blessings of Morrow upon the expedition when and where needed.

Moose Hunt

Summary :: The lesser know “Giant Headed Moose” migration is expected to pass through Greybranch Cap in the coming months.
Aims :: To capture a mating pair, live. Take the largest rack we can find
Fees :: 50 GC per head
Duration :: 1 Months
Risk Factor :: 2 (out of 5)

Castle of the Keys

Summary :: Rumours of ghosts have come from this remote ruin from other explorers, it is a well known Iosan way point for those traveling south, so may have some interesting study features on this point too.
Aims :: Document paranormal encounters at the Castle.
Fees :: 300 GC per head
Duration :: 4 Months
Risk Factor :: 3 (out of 5)

Underworld Horrors

Summary :: Travel to Thornfall and investigate the area for underground tunnels being used by invasive species. This will be an exciting trip, filled with the potential for all kinds of hazards. Participants should bring sturdy boots! This expedition is sponsored by the Cygnarian Military, who will cover 50% of the fees for each participant that they judge to be worthy of sponsorship.
Aims :: Find and review the state of underground tunnels, capture inhabitants.
Fees :: 500 GC per head
Duration :: 4 Months
Risk Factor :: 5 (out of 5)

Tribal Contact!

Summary :: Rumors of a new Troll tribe in Thornfall have come in. This will be a chance to break bread with a never before discovered tribe. This tip may be hazardous due to the need to trek into the Thornfall and travel an unknown distance to find this tribe.
Aims :: Find the tribe, learn origins and aims
Fees :: 250 GC per head
Duration :: 4 Months
Risk Factor :: 4 (out of 5)

Pendrake Expeditions

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